News by Raam Shanker

TEDx Alumni Raam Shankar to address audience at IMechE event

Raam Shankar has been named as keynote speaker at an Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) conference.

The ‘Management of Asset Availability Through Extreme Events’ seminar in London will see the Equitus Design Engineering and Innovations Founder and CEO address the audience with a talk on ‘Reliability by design – how to expect the unexpected’.

Shankar’s Equitus has bases in London, Manchester and Bangalore and boasts clients including European Space Agency, Kawasaki, Sellafield and Babcock International.

The 41-year-old, a columnist for global industry publication The Manufacturer, said: “IMechE’s extreme events conference is set to be an important gathering for people and companies across the board.

“I’m delighted to have been invited to address the audience as keynote and will be focussing on redefining reliability in simpler terms while exploring the role of design in reliability with a toolkit thrown in too.”

He added: “Nothing exists on this planet without design. Design is the recipe. What excites me about design is that there is a growing awareness amongst people in general to look for well-designed products and solutions, which improve the quality of their lives and/or offer solutions.”

The IMechE event takes place on June 7 also includes talks from Jonathan Krzyzosiak, Chair of National Hazards Special Interest Group, Gavin Lewis, Head of Engineering, Fathom and Mark Norris, Chair, IMechE Safety and Reliability Group.

‘Climate change: developing robust roadmaps to prepare for extreme weather’, ‘Flood defence: taking preventative action to avoid long-term disruption’ and Subjects tackled will be ‘Managing climate change risk’ will be among the other subjects tackled.

Shankar’s company boasts four separate yet integrated entities; Equitus World, Equitus Engineering, Equitus Design and Equitus Innovations.

The 41-year-old is TEDx Alumni and TiE UK North board member. He added: “I’ve insisted for many years now that the fuel for successful business growth has to be a near perfect mix of design innovation and sustainability. I’m looking forward to attending this critical IMechE event to learn more about changing design standards and the importance of taking proactive steps to future-proof assets, maximise future revenue and improve safety.”